Chapter 1602

Lisa froze on the spot while listening to the jeering around her and looking more and more troubled. “Daisie, how could you say that? We used to—” “Let’s not bring up the past.” Daisie picked up a glass of champagne and raised her brows. “I’m no longer that silly girl who you could manipulate. Lisa, do you think that I will just let you get away because there are people here?” Daisie then splashed the champagne on herself and gasped loudly. Everyone looked over. Colton rushed out from the crowd and snarled upon seeing that, “Lisa, what did you do this time!?” Lisa shook her head. “No, she—” “Lisa,” Tristan looked stoic, “What did you promise me? I didn’t bring you here to cause a scene.” “It really wasn’t me! She did it to herself. She wants to frame me. Everyone saw that!” She looked at the people around her, hoping that they could speak for her. Unfortunately, even if they saw it, they didn’t want to offend the Goldmanns, so nobody would come forth. Daisie wiped her dress a

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