Chapter 1603

His little lamb had grown up. Maisie pinched his waist. “She’s my daughter, so of course she’d be just like me.” Nolan winced before smiling. “Of course.” Maisie smirked. “Daisie has gone through a lot. If she were still naive, I would be worried.” She didn’t think what her daughter had done was wrong. It was an eye for an eye, and Lisa really wasn’t a kind person. Ever since Lisa had betrayed her for the sake of fame, Daisie was no longer that naive little girl. Daisie went into the guest room to change. When she framed Lisa, she almost couldn’t do it. But when she heard that Lisa was trying to trick her again, she couldn’t help it. She no longer wanted to be the silly girl. Like her mother had said, kindness shouldn’t be the reason to let others walk over you. She stood there and saw someone from the mirror behind her. She covered herself and blushed. “Nollace Knowles!” Nollace leaned against the door with his arms crossed and smiled. “You didn’t close the door.” “That do

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