Chapter 1606

Lisa smiled inwardly when Julianna was standing on her side. Julianna’s father was the most famous diplomatic envoy of Yaramoor. Even though she was not from a noble family, her family was of the upper class. Julianna reminded Daisie of her past self, and Daisie couldn’t help but laugh at herself. At that time, she was certain that Leah had been laughing at her for her stupidity as well when she warned her not to bully Lisa anymore. She laughed and asked, “You want me to apologize to Lisa?” “You’ve done something wrong, so don’t you think you should apologize to her?” “She's the one at fault, not me. As for why I hate her so much, why don't you ask her yourself and see if she has the guts to tell you or not?” Daisie approached Julianna and continued. “Ms. Mckey, it’s never wrong to stand up for other people, but you need to know what kind of people are worthy of your help. I'm willing to apologize if it's someone else. But Lisa? I will never apologize to her as she doesn't de

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