Chapter 1607

Daisie’s heart was racing so fast that it nearly jumped out of her chest. Nollace chuckled upon seeing how scared she was and stopped teasing her. After all, he couldn’t push her too hard, or she might run away. He raised his hand to rub her hair and said, “Alright. Don't you have classes? You should probably go back to your class now.” Daisie pushed him away and fled. Looking at her figure that was slowly disappearing into the hallway, Nollace wiped over the corner of his lips with his finger. He had been waiting for her for too long, and no matter what happened, there was no way she could escape from him. Daisie couldn’t concentrate at all in her class. Keeping her head low, she looked at her hand that was holding the pen. She could still feel Nollace’s warmth from the tip of her finger. When Nollace was kissing her finger, his eyes looked like he was going to devour her whole, and coupled with his charmingly good-looking face, not only did she not feel scared, but she also fe

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