Chapter 1614

Daisie realized that Freyja did not seem to like getting to know others or chatting with others. ‘Could it be because of those rumors? The rumors might be true or false, but it’s not necessarily true because every piece of information came to me through the power of mouth. ‘After all, only the parties who are involved in the incident know it best.’ In this way, Daisie and Freyja stayed under the same roof for a week, and they had not spoken more than ten sentences. Basically, she would only respond to Daisie when she asked her something. And she would not utter any extra words, let alone chat. Daisie’s injury healed, and she returned to class and retook the dance performance test before finally making up for all her scores. She was walking out of the performance hall when she saw a man in a suit in his 20s pestering Freyja. Daisie saw the impatience and resistance on Freyja’s face. She walked over, stretched out her arm, and grabbed Freyja’s arm that the man was grasping. “Sir,

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