Chapter 1615

After returning to her senses, Daisie noticed Freyja standing behind her mirror reflection. She had just finished freshening up and seemed to want to change into her clothes, but there was only one full-length mirror in this dormitory, and Daisie had been occupying it to choose clothes for the date. Daisie felt a little embarrassed and grabbed one of the clothes. “I’ve chosen mine. It’s all yours now.” Just as she was about to go back to her room, Freyja spoke. “I think that’s a good one.” Daisie was startled and then looked back at Freyja, pointing to the sky blue dress draped over her elbow. Daisie pulled it off her shoulder. “This one?” She nodded. “Thank you.” Daisie smiled, rolled up the clothes in her hand, and hurried into her bedroom immediately. At 9:00 a.m., Daisie stood at the gate of the college and waited for Nollace. Many students came back and went out of the college when she was there waiting for more than ten minutes, but Nollace did not appear. Daisie pursed

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