Chapter 1616

Before Daisie could react, Freyja bent down and caught her, “Deedee, did you miss me?” The little girl hugged her and nodded but looked at Daisie shyly. Freyja handed her to the nanny, who took her inside. Daisie snapped back and asked with surprise, “Is that… your daughter?” She really had a kid!? Freyja turned to ask, “You believe those rumors too?” Daisie shook her head. She didn’t, but she was curious who the child was. ‘The child is a year old, and if she is Freyja’s child, and Freyja is about my age, so when she was 16… Not possible!’ Freyja crossed her arms. “She’s the daughter of that man from the other day.” Daisie paused. “The one who kept harassing you?” Freyja walked into the house. “He’s my brother.” Daisie stood at the door, then turned. “Your brother, then why…” The man who kept harassing her was so aggressive. Who would have guessed that they were siblings? Freyja took two bottles of juice out of the fridge and handed one to her. “It’s funny, huh? We’re

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