Chapter 1619

Nollace turned to look at Daisie. “Why?” She looked down. “I shouldn’t have come empty-handed.” She should have at least gotten some flowers or a fruit basket. Nollance faced her and saw that she was pouting. He couldn't help but say, “She’s glad that her future daughter-in-law is visiting.” “Daughter what—” Daisie paused, then stared straight into his eyes in shock. “Daughter-in-law?” He raised his brows and didn’t reply. Daisie’s face turned red while she pushed him away. “I never said I was going to marry you!” She immediately ran away. Nollace watched her run away and couldn’t help but chuckle. Tuesday came… Colton was busy writing a paper and didn’t have time to care about anything else. When he got out of the hall, he suddenly heard people talking about Nollace and Daisie dating. “Is that true? Ms. Goldmann and Mr. Knowles are dating?” “I saw them hanging out during the weekend. It must be true.” Colton stood behind them. “Could you repeat that?” They all jumpe

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