Chapter 1620

“I’m sorry,” She shrugged. “I don’t know him very well.” She had started spending time with Nollace recently. Nollace had been sent to Zlokovia to avoid the attacks from Madam Knowles since he was very young, and she didn’t get to know him at that time. She had only heard of him. Nollace was her cousin, who was just a month older than her. She knew that this cousin of hers wasn’t as simple as he seemed. In the eyes of the grownups, he was young but an all-round talent. He was well versed in everything, such as finance, computers, cybersecurity stocks, the film and television industry, game theory, and even jewelry. The people in the industry once said that given his talent, the Knowles would be able to resurge, and it came true. A few years ago, Tristan would bring him along to all kinds of events. He would calmly face all the questions and challenges. There was endless scheming in the business world. Everyone had ulterior motives, and one would be eaten alive if they didn’t ha

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