Chapter 1627

Daisie laughed. “I used to be like you, I chose to believe in her without any doubt, but all she did was crush my trust in her. Did she tell you that she was the one who went through all the hardships with Nollace? “That’s clearly what I experienced with Nollace when we were kids. How did the protagonist of the story become her? And why she would only have the guts to tell that to you, but she wouldn’t do so when I’m around?” ‘Finally, I know why Lisa would address Nollace as Nolly. It turns out that she had always been taking advantage of Nollace’s amnesia, and she changed all the experiences that I shared with her years ago in order to make Nollace trust her. ‘It’s no wonder she would come and find Nollace four years ago.’ If she had not seen through Lisa’s schemes and methods, Daisie would have been extremely disheartened at this moment. Juliana was dumbfounded and could not believe it. “H-How is it possible? She won’t lie to me.” “You choose to believe in her, and that’s your

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