Chapter 1628

‘She’s exactly the pure girl that I have in mind!’ “Miss, wait a minute!” Daisie was stopped and turned around in confusion. The man in glasses who rushed toward her reached out and handed her his business card. “Miss, can I have a few minutes with you?” Daisie took a glimpse at the business card and saw that the man was the director of Astar Frontier Perfume Co. She raised her head. “Mr. Baron, is there anything that I can help you with?” “Our company is looking for a perfume endorser, and because your image suits the temperament of the spokesperson that we’re looking for, can you do our company a favor?” Before waiting for Daisie to respond, he continued seriously. “Don’t worry. Your remuneration will definitely be up there, and we won’t force you to sign a long-term contract with our company. We only need you to shoot an advertisement for our perfume, and that’s it.” Daisie hesitated. “But I haven’t even graduated yet...” “It’s okay. It won’t affect your studies and thus, d

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