Chapter 1636

Daisie insisted on moving the umbrella over. “No, I won’t feel comfortable about it.” Nollace smiled, seeing how stubborn she was. He pulled her over and kissed her hair. “I guess you have to stick to me then.” Daisie didn’t know what to say. She felt that she had fallen into a trap. When they got to the dormitory, Daisie stood under the roof, turned to face him, and pressed her lips together. “Go back and change.” Half his shoulder was wet. Nollace nodded but didn’t move. Daisie tilted her head. “Why are you not leaving?” Nollace looked at her and was going to say something when Daisie suddenly leaned in, stood on her toes, and kissed the corner of his lips. He froze. After Daisie did what she wanted, she ran up the stairs. Nollace ran his finger over the spot she had kissed and chuckled. That coward ran away right after kissing him. Daisie ran into her room and pressed her back against the door while her heart pounded. She… kissed him. “Daisie Vanderbilt.” Freyja’s v

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