Chapter 1637

The guard knew that Lisa had been good recently and hadn’t tried to run away. He was worried that if she really was sick and passed it on to the clients, they would get in trouble, so he agreed. When they got to a clinic nearby, Lisa told the doctor about her symptoms. The doctor took a look at her and seemed to have heard of the symptoms. “You need to get a blood test.” Lisa went inside with the doctor. The guard stood outside and waited. It would be hard for her to escape the black market, so he thought that she wouldn’t be trying anything. The doctor took her blood, and Lisa asked him, “How long would I need to wait for the result?” “20 minutes.” The doctor took the vials of her blood and walked out. Lisa looked at the phone on the desk and glanced outside. She then quickly picked up the phone to give Julianna a call. When she found out where Julianna was, Lisa hung up and walked out. The guard was on his phone. She carefully said, “I didn’t bring any money. Is there a b

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