Chapter 1672

Nollace was taking off his shirt, and it was only then Daisie realized that he was ripped. He had a lean, toned body. His muscles were not particularly big, and they all looked well-proportioned. He was the type who looked thin when putting on clothes and muscular after taking off his clothes. What’s more, his v-cut abs were very well-defined. She moved her gaze down, and her face turned red in embarrassment. She quickly turned around and shouted, “How can you suddenly take off your clothes!?” Nollace put his shirt on the bed neatly and stood behind her. As he took over the pajamas in her hand, he leaned forward to get closer to her and said, “Because I’m going to take a bath.” Daisie’s ears were getting redder and redder. She could feel his temperature seeping into her back when he leaned closer to her. She buried her face into her palm and said, “You knew that I’d come. You’re doing it on purpose!” A chuckle escaped Nollace’s lips as he said, “Yeah, I did it on purpose.” Her

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