Chapter 1673

Upon realizing Daisie’s gaze, he turned his head around and asked, “What’s wrong?” She averted her gaze and replied, “Nothing.” Nollace put his arms across the couch behind her and leaned closer to her. “Is that little girl you?” She was stunned but did not say anything. Nollace chuckled and continued. “She looks so adorable. What’s more, she looks a lot like you.” Daisie pushed him away. “Let’s continue to watch the movie.” He chuckled but did not say anything and turned his head toward the movie again. He recognized the little girl as soon as she showed up. He had asked her that question because he just wanted to see her reaction. The night was getting darker, and by the time the movie ended, Daisie had already fallen asleep on the armrest of the couch. Nollace turned his head sideways to look at her and chuckled. He stretched his arms forward and brushed aside the strands of hair that were stuck to her face. After that, he stood up and scooped her into his arms. Her hea

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