Chapter 1677

Jonah’s body was placed in a funeral home and was about to be cremated. There were very few people who came to mourn. The relatives who came to mourn him were basically only there for the inheritance that he had left behind. After selling his company’s shares, he had obtained more than $7,000,000. In addition to the hefty savings and other investments that he had accumulated over the years, there were at least several billion dollars. Jonah originally planned to use this fund to bring his daughter abroad. Lara was his only daughter, so she was the one who inherited everything after her father died. Lara was dressed in black and wearing a headscarf covering her disfigured cheek. She stood expressionlessly in front of her father’s portrait, ignoring the faces of relatives who were there to put up a play, pretending to mourn her father. That was until a figure stepped into the funeral home from outside. It was Ken. Ken placed the white rose in his hand in the center of the wreath, l

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