Chapter 1678

‘If it weren’t for the fact that Lara has tried to get rid of someone who’s out of her league this time around, would she end up in such misery? ‘Since she had the guts to do it, she’ll have to face the consequences.’ Daisie looked at her. “Lara deserves everything that she’s gotten herself into recently. However, she’s already suffered an accident, but everyone is still taunting her for the retribution. Don’t you think it’s a little sad?” Freyja was surprised. “You... Do you think she is pitiful?” “This has nothing to do with whether she’s pitiful or not. I just think that the action of attributing the difficulties that kind people or bad people encounter in life to fate or retribution is a manifestation of our incompetency as humans. “Let’s say a person bullied you, you were insulted and beaten by them, and one day in the future, the person died or suffered from some accident or disease. We’ll happily claim that retribution is doing its job, and we’ll feel reconciled and gleeful

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