Chapter 1679

Ken smiled and raised the car window slowly. “It’s decided then. I’ll come to pick you girls up tomorrow.” The next day, at Lumiere Fine Dining… The restaurant had a very cozy and comfortable environment. It had a lounge bar, and the lighting was mainly warm yellow in color, which made the interior feel warm and grand. Ken led Daisie and Freyja to a table for six. It had a pure white tablecloth, and the silverware and wine glasses were all neatly arranged. The two people who had been waiting in their seats were Ken and Freyja’s parents. Sandy was extremely graceful and glamorous and should be around 46 years old. She looked very well-maintained, every piece of her clothing was meticulously coordinated and color-coded, and the jewelry that she had on all came from luxurious brands. Perhaps it was because of her bold facial features that she exuded a rather fierce aura. It felt like it would be quite difficult to get acquainted with her. On the other hand, Brandon Pruitt, Ken and

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