Chapter 167

“Grandpa, did you miss us?” Daisie beamed. “Of course, I missed you to bits!” Mr. Goldmann Sr. tapped the tip of her nose, his eyes overflowing with love. It was the first time Colton was there, so everything was new to him. “Grandpa, this place is so beautiful!” Mr. Goldmann Sr. laughed heartily. “Haha, this is your home too.” The maid guided Maisie to her room. The room had modern decor, but the view there was mesmerizing, and it was quiet. They could see a manmade pond and the woods. Her phone rang. It was Stephen. She walked to the window, hesitantly putting the phone to her ear. “Dad?” “Maisie, I was going through the items left by your mom recently. I’ll pass them to you when you have time to come over. “ ‘Mom’s items?’ She had always been under the impression that her father had not kept anything she left. Maisie pressed her lips together, and her voice was a little coarse. “Okay.” The moment the call cut off, Maisie held her phone to her chest and turned around

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