Chapter 168

“Even if I did see, is that something I should be surprised about?” Maisie shrugged and smiled. Nolan squinted and walked past her, “I guess you wouldn’t mind.” So there was no point explaining. Maisie was rooted on the spot. After Nolan said that, she felt a prick in her heart. It was very uncomfortable. She held her first. Yes, she didn’t mind. There shouldn’t be anything going on between them. She didn’t know that the three kids had seen everything. Their parents’ relationship was on ‘red alert’! Mr. Goldmann Sr. stood behind the three of them, lightly patting their heads. After Maisie walked away, the three said, “Grandpa, what should we do if Mommy won’t accept Daddy?” Mr. Goldmann Sr. understood what was happening. “Then the problem would be your mother. Why wouldn’t she accept him? It’s probably because she is uncertain.” She was still uncertain whether Nolan was the person she could rely on, so she was feeling really insecure about love, marriage, and building a fa

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