Chapter 1698

Ken glared toward his men. Everyone panicked in an instant. “Sir, we really have no idea about this! We’ll never betray you!” “Ean, what did Maggie do before the surgery?” Ken’s eyes were fixed on Ean’s face. He was clearly doubting Maggie. Beads of cold sweat rolled down Ean’s back as he lowered his head and replied, “She didn’t contact anyone three days before the surgery. She only asked me about Mr. Matthews, and it seemed that she was preparing herself.” Ken did not utter a single word. Although he had doubts about Maggie, she had never had any interaction with the Knowles. He then scoffed. “Doesn’t she blame me for sending her over to Donald?” The question implied that Maggie might betray him because she did not like this arrangement. Ean explained calmly, “But Ayan is a nobody to her. So even if she has a grudge against you, she doesn’t need to do anything with Ayan’s matter.” Feeling that what he said made some sense, Ken stopped talking, turned around, and ordered, “Go

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