Chapter 1699

Daisie squinted and grinned. “It ended long ago.” “What are you holding in your arms?” “This...” Daisie did not know how to explain it. Thus, she lowered her head and pursed her lips. “If I were to tell you the truth, would you be angry?” Nollace stared at her face and squinted. “Won’t you be afraid that I’ll be angry if you keep it from me?” “This is something that Ayan’s father brought him. His father hasn’t been able to contact him, so I—” Before she could finish speaking, Nollace took a deep breath. “It’s Ayan again. Do you plan to forgive him?” “It’s not a matter of forgiving him or not. His father looks very pitiful, so I’m only delivering this to Ayan on his behalf. What he did has nothing to do with his father.” Nollace scoffed out of anger. “Then, do you know his whereabouts?” Daisie was startled. “I don’t know, so I’m going to ask Colton to help me...” “He doesn’t know either.” Nollace was unusually calm, “I’m the only person who knows where he is now.” Daisie looke

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