Chapter 1710

Brandon’s pupils constricted as he did not expect such words would come out of her mouth. “Please go back. I want to rest.” She pulled the cover and lay down with her back facing the door. When she heard the door close, a tear dropped from the corner of her eyes. She could vaguely remember that when she was a child, her father would let her ride on his shoulders as both of them walked down the paths of the fields at dusk. It was not that her father was bad. It was just that her father was weak-willed and listened to everything her mother said. Her mother was a strong woman, while her father was weak, and this was the ultimate reason for their estranged relationship. When she heard that someone was coming in, she thought her father hadn’t left yet. “Didn’t I tell you to leave me alone?” “Who came here just now?” Freyja was stunned. She turned her head around to see Colton standing at the door. She got up from her bed, and her sadness melted from her face. “Nope, no one. By the wa

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