Chapter 1711

Daisie did not say anything. Nollace approached her and pressed his lips against her forehead. “That’s because I won’t reject anything that you give me.” Her cheeks warmed up all of a sudden, and she pushed him away and got into the car on her own. “Bring me to the hospital!” Nollace laughed out loud. Daisie pushed the door of the ward open, and Freyja closed the lid of her laptop, raised her head, and looked at the two who came in. “You’re quite diligent in coming to the hospital to visit me.” Daisie saw her bag that she placed on the counter and looked around. “Where’s Colton?” Freyja put the laptop aside. “He’s left after delivering my stuff.” “I wanted to ask him to stay with you, lest your unscrupulous family members came and caused you any more trouble.” She knew Sandy had been discharged from the hospital, and she was afraid Sandy would come here to settle the score because of the matter. She would not be as worried if Colton were to be here. Freyja was astonished for a

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