Chapter 1723

The girl was sizing Nollace up. After a short while, she extended her arm to Nollace and offered him a sweet smile. “Hi, my name is Zenovia Livingston.” Nollace grasped her hand due to courtesy and replied indifferently, “Nice to meet you.” He quickly drew back his hand. The only reason he was responding to her was only because of basic etiquette. Zenovia could feel the residual warmth in the palm of her hand. She looked at the handsome young man who was about her own age in front of her, and a feeling that she had never experienced before surged inside of her. Ever since he came into the banquet hall until he stood in front of her, Zenovia realized that he was the prince charming that she had been waiting for the whole time. Nollace left the banquet hall midway through the banquet. Zenovia went around looking for him, and she finally found him on a balcony outside the corridor. He was leaning against the armrest, looking down at the large fountain in the garden downstairs. He s

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