Chapter 1724

Zenovia bit her lips. ‘Does he really have a fiancee, or is he lying to me?’ It was the weekend the next day. Daisie and Freyja wanted to watch an opera performance. Initially, they thought there were only two of them, but then one more person joined them at the end. Inside the car, Daisie looked at Colton in confusion. “Colton, since when you’re interested in an opera performance?” Sitting with his arms across his chest, Colton replied. “I’m not interested. I’m just worried about you.” She chuckled. “Worried about me? Why do you have to worry about me when I have bodyguards going there with me?” He turned his head around to look at her and said, “They aren’t reliable.” The bodyguard driving the car was stumped. He couldn’t say anything back to Colton, so he chided him inwardly. ‘Since when we’ve become unreliable!?’ Daisie got out of the car first when they arrived at the theater. She looked around and saw Freyja waiting for her in front of the entrance. She had put on casu

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