Chapter 1725

Freyja was stunned and hastily said, “Wait, that isn’t—” Unfortunately, she was too late. Daisie had already put the cherry in her mouth. In the next second, her face contorted out of shape, and she began to regret putting the cherry in her mouth. She got up from her seat and rushed toward the restroom. Freyja only came around to her senses after a long while. She turned her head to look at Colton and asked, “What's wrong with her? She just took a bite of the foie gras. Why did she behave like she had eaten something worse?” Colton was cutting through his steak as he said, “She doesn't like offal. When we went out to try western cuisine with our parents, all of the cherries were real cherries.” That was why Daisie couldn’t differentiate the foie gras from the real cherries. Freyja lowered her head. “I didn’t know that she doesn’t like foie gras…” After all, judging from Daisie's status, she thought she would be very familiar with western food and should be able to accept it. Howe

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