Chapter 1726

On the other corner of the premises, the waiter pulled out the surveillance footage, and they saw Daisie coming out of the restroom. In the next instant, a lady suddenly came out of the corner of the monitor and pushed Daisie. That girl’s back faced the surveillance camera throughout the process, so they could not see her face. Seeing this scene, Colton was terrifyingly calm. Although the other party had deliberately avoided the cameras, he could already guess who it was. Nollace, who learned that Daisie had been injured, immediately put aside the work at hand, handed it over to his secretary, got up, and walked out of the office. In the corridor, he happened to run into Zenovia, who had just walked out of the elevator, and the person next to her was King William’s assistant, Paul. Nollace stopped, and his expression dimmed instantly. Paul walked forward, gave off a smile, and nodded. “Mr. Knowles, His Majesty has asked me to bring Ms. Livingston here. He hopes that you and Ms.

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