Chapter 173

Nolan’s expression was solemn. Quincy gave her another pinch and said through his tightly-gnashed teeth, “Eat.” Cherie remembered something else, so she said to Maisie with excitement. “Please allow me to introduce myself, madam. My name is Cherie Lawson, and I’m the younger sister of this idiot. Mr. Goldmann is like a big brother to us, and we have a strong friendship, so please don’t misunderstand us!” Maisie cracked a smile. ‘Whoa! Cherie’s personality is rather feisty indeed, and she is quite loquacious. She looked toward Quincy. “So you have a younger sister too, huh?” Quincy was frustrated. “My sister has always been with the troops all this time, so she snuck out of there to check you out when she found out that Nolan was coming home with you.” “Will you please speak properly? I came after seeking permission from my commanding officer!” Cherie was displeased. Quincy cast her a look. “The commanding officer would have penalized you if not for his friendship with our e

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