Chapter 172

Nolan sat upright slowly, looked at her, and enunciated word by word, “Feed me.” If this was the past, Maisie would have placed down the food tray and said to him, “Suit yourself!” However, she did not say anything this time. Instead, she sat next to the bed and personally spooned the food to him. She felt rather shy as he stared at her from such a close distance, so she explained, “I’m only doing this reluctantly for Waylon.” Nolan gulped down the food she fed and stared at her without looking away while cracking a smile. He suddenly realized that it was rather nice for him to be injured. When he was done with the meal, Maisie put the food tray away. Nolan gazed at her as he leaned on the pillow and rested. After noticing that she stayed, he said, “Are you staying to keep me company?” “Do you think I’m doing this willingly?” She would never stay had he not gotten hurt trying to save Waylon. Nolan narrowed his eyes and suddenly tugged away the blanket, revealing the empty spa

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