Chapter 171

Maisie made her way to him and got down on her knees in front of him weakly. There was no telling if she was scared or something else. “Where did you go, Waylon? How did this happen?” “I’m sorry, Mommy. It was my fault that Daddy was hurt.” Waylon’s tone was so calm that it was terrifying. It stunned Maisie for a moment. “What… What happened to him?” Meanwhile, the doctor walked out of the ward. “Who is the family of Nolan Goldmann?” Maisie stood up fearfully. On the other hand, Quincy walked over in the meantime. “We’re all his family. May we inquire what happened to him?” The doctor had a stern expression. “We’ve already dressed up his wounds and given him a blood serum injection. It’s fortunate that the snake that bit him isn’t very venomous, or else not even doctors could save him. We will still need to keep him for observation for two more days to monitor his condition.” ‘Nolan was bitten by a venomous snake!?’ Maisie pursed her lips tightly while her face appeared to be

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