Chapter 175

“While we’re at it, we’ll show everyone what sort of crook Millennial Gemstone is that the company refuses to give compensation after breaching a contract.” Noticing that she was planning on making a big deal out of this, Mr. Parker was shocked. He had no choice but to calm her down. “Hehehe. Hey girl, we’re all businessmen here, so why do you have to go as far as that? I can give compensation but doubling the amount is—” “I’m taking double compensation, and I won’t leave even if there’s a penny less,” said Maisie coldly. Millennial Gemstone Inc was planning to renege on the deal because the Lucas family was their backer. Moreover, Mr. Parker did not fear Soul Jewelry because it was an unknown, small company new to the market. Yet, he did not expect that he would encounter a woman that would pester him incessantly. He figured that he should not be blamed for her gullibility. Mr. Parker grunted. “If you wish to go to court, you’re going to have to win the case too. Let me tell

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