Chapter 176

“Ms. Vanderbilt, Ms.—” Maisie hung up without hesitation. Kennedy laughed and said, “You really are turning into your mother.” She was not going to let herself be taken advantage of. At the Lucas family’s mansion… “Goldmann, have you gone mad!?” Larissa stared straight at Nolan. He just used Maisie to threaten her. Was he trying to openly challenge the Lucas family and even the de Armas? Nolan crossed his legs and leaned backward. “If you insist on going against my fiancée, the Goldmanns will happily play along.” Larissa’s expression darkened. “For a woman? Have the Goldmanns lost your senses?” “She’s my woman, which means she’s a Goldmann. What do you think?” Nolan slowly picked up his teacup and took a sip before saying, “The de Armas should know how reasonable us Goldmanns are, especially your father, right?” Larissa’s expression darkened even further. It was true, the Goldmanns were not reasonable people. That was especially the case of his grandfather, Titus, the m

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