Chapter 1765

Daisie sobbed softly. “I just don’t want others to see you that way.” Nollace’s lips landed on the tip of her nose and cheeks, and his warmth was on the brink of scorching her. “I don’t care how others view me, but Daisie, if I want to marry you, we can’t let our marriage be filled with all sorts of controversies. My future wife shouldn’t be exposed to all these public opinions.” ‘No matter what the controversies are, I’ll be able to handle them. But Daisie might not be able to do the same. She’s very sentimental and is easily influenced by public opinion. ‘Even if she’s being assaulted by the public for me, I won’t allow that.’ “Daisie,” He kissed her, “Give me some time. Wait for the day to come when I’m able to marry you without any questions from the public.” Daisie suddenly turned over and pressed him against the bed. “I don’t care! You’ve made me angry for so many days, you must compensate me!” Nollace was stunned. He stared at the person sitting on his body and laughed abr

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