Chapter 1766

Xyla turned to look at them. “If you didn’t come back, Daisie would rush out.” Daisie’s face was steaming as she buried her head under the covers. Yorrick laughed. “Stop teasing her. Are you going to calm her down if she cries?” “I won’t have to. She has someone to do that.” Xyla walked toward Yorrick, held his arm, and looked at Nollace. “Take care of your future wife. We’re leaving.” Nollace nodded. They were the only people left in the room. Daisie popped her head out from under the covers and put one hand on the edge of the bed. A shadow loomed over her while a warm breath blew onto her hair. “You’re embarrassed?” Her face was burning hot as she avoided his gaze. “What did Uncle Yorrick say to you?” “Take a guess.” “No.” Nollace touched her hair and looked deep into her eyes. “He said that I…” He leaned in and whispered into her ear. Daisie laughed, then hit him. “Nollace!” Nollace sat at the edge of the bed and laughed, not moving away. That afternoon, at the Sunr

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