Chapter 1796

However, a disagreeing voice appeared out of nowhere. “But Mr. Knowles has disappeared in Haniston. Isn’t this a little too coincidental? Rumors have it that Ms. Livingston has always wanted Mr. Knowles to marry you, so I wonder if the Livingstons know about this matter?” That implied that because Nollace had refused to marry her, it was very likely that the Livingstons had detained him after arriving in Haniston. Zenovia’s expression dimmed, and a hint of gloom flashed across her eyes as she looked at the female reporter who had just spoken. “What are you talking about?” The female reporter sounded very firm. “We only aim to get to the bottom of this issue.” “So are you saying that you’re suspecting the Livingstons?” Zenovia put on a smile, but there was not even a trace of hilarity in her eyes. “The Livingstons would never do such a thing. I can guarantee that in the name of the king’s god-granddaughter.” Zenovia asked her secretary to send those reporters away and walked into t

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