Chapter 1797

“An insider submitted the surveillance footage from the banquet from the other day to the police, and it shows that the waiter and Ms. Livingston were very close before the banquet started. It also shows that the waiter grabbed Ms. Goldmann’s clutch when he collided with her. So, it’s suspected that he placed something into the clutch, and it’s clearly recorded in the footage. “The video was posted onto the Internet just ten minutes ago.” ‘Ten minutes ago? It was around the time when I met Mr. Goldmann!’ Zenovia’s body swayed, and she propped her arms against the back of the couch chair to find a firm foothold. ‘The surveillance footage from that day? I hired someone to delete it! Even if the police were to get their hands on the footage, it would be impossible for them to find evidence. ‘How did the deleted surveillance footage get restored and even leaked onto the Internet!? ‘Could it be that Mr. Goldmann has the ability to do this?’ After the incident had encountered a plot t

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