Chapter 1799

The floor was a mess, and there was a broken cell phone on the floor. Xavi removed his tie, stood in front of the French window with his arms in akimbo, and took a deep breath. “This is f*cking ridiculous!” His father had not called to ask about him—all he was worried about was his brother’s reputation. His secretary carefully cleaned up the mess on the floor and placed everything back on the desk. Xavi turned and looked at the secretary. “Notify Mr. Lestrange to come and see me, now.” At Neste District… The villas located on the hillside were scattered and dense, and the terrain was very high. Standing on the rooftop, one could overlook the buildings under the hillside and the skyscrapers located in the city center in the distance. Sitting in front of the coffee table on the rooftop, Nollace picked up the teacup, meticulously scrutinized its color and smell, took a sip, and enjoyed the taste of the tea. He was wearing a very simple-looking, clean, white cotton and linen shirt

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