Chapter 1800

‘He’s been living in his brother's shadow all his life, and he finally has the opportunity to take over now. Once Juneau Livingston is commuted or even released, all the power he owns will return to him. ‘Everyone has a devil trapped deep inside their hearts, and the factor that releases the devil depends on the situation he’s in and the benefits that he gets from the situation. Xavi Livingston has contributed so much to the Livingstons, but he can only stand next to Juneau Livingston all this while. So, will he accept his status willingly? ‘The last straw that breaks the camel’s back is never someone irrelevant, but the people closest to him.’ Later that night, Xavi was sitting in the study, looking all lonely and depressed. In his hand was a photo of him with his elder brother when they were young. ‘Ever since we were kids, I’ve always been the one who accommodates and caters to Juneau’s needs. Instead of being an inseparable younger brother, a shadow would suit my existence bet

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