Chapter 1801

Zenovia finished all the wine in one drink and was still arrogant. “He wasn’t angry at me about this because I’m a better candidate for granddaughter-in-law compared to the Goldmanns, who are so hard to control.” The secretary was quiet. He felt that it was sad. Zenovia had status in Haniston but was spoiled. She was confident, but it was because she was never rejected. She could get anything she wanted in Haniston, and all the affluent men wanted her. In Yaramoor, however, she was rejected by Nollace and was shamed. Not only did that affect her ego, but she also wasn’t happy about it. Without seeing how cruel society could be, she was arrogant, and why would she admit her mistakes? Zenovia’s personality reminded him of her father. They really were father and daughter. Meanwhile, at the Knowles mansion… Daisie and Freyja went to see Diana because they heard that Diana had trouble eating and sleeping after discovering that Nollace had disappeared and had lost weight. Bu

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