Chapter 1815

The next day, Daisie arrived at the college with no energy. She had slept in Nollace’s room throughout the whole afternoon yesterday. Thus, she was an insomniac when she returned to the villa in the evening and could not fall asleep until five in the morning. She could not help but take out a small mirror and take a look at her own reflection in the mirror. Her eye bags and dark circles were that close to turning her into a panda. Suddenly, someone tapped her on the shoulder. She turned her head in fright and was stunned. “Colton?” Colton crossed his arms and looked at her dark circles. “Did you go out and become a thief last night?” “You’re the thief here, sneaking up on me like that.” Daisie turned her face away and explained herself with a lie. “I drank too much coffee and couldn’t sleep last night.” “Where’s Freyja?” Daisie paused for a split second and stared at him with a puzzled expression. “Why would you want to know that?” “It’s nothing.” Colton looked away with an un

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