Chapter 1816

Freyja lay on the hospital bed with IV drips while Daisie sat by her side until she slowly woke up. Daisie got up and asked, “Freyja, are you alright?” Freyja forced a smile. “Yeah, thanks.” Daisie sat back down. “I was so worried. I’m glad I went to see you, or nobody would know that you fainted. You would have fried your brain with that fever.” Freyja pushed herself up. “Did you send me to the hospital?” Daisie replied, “I got Waylon to drive us over.” Freyja didn’t say anything back. Waylon showed up and leaned against the door, then knocked. “Feeling better?” Freyja paused and nodded. “Sorry for the trouble.” Daisie said, “There’s no trouble. By the way, wasn’t the nanny home?” Freyja looked down and said, “She brought Deedee out, and I thought I would feel better after a nap.” Taking care of Deedee wasn’t an easy task, so Freyja hadn’t told the nanny she wasn’t feeling well. “That won’t do. Why don’t you get another helper? What will happen if the nanny isn’t around and the same

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