Chapter 1818

“Deedee!” Freyja didn’t know what to do with her. Deedee had never seen her parents ever since she was born, so she called anyone ‘Daddy’. Freyja sighed before turning to Colton to explain, “Don’t mind her. She’s just a kid. Please drive safely.” She was going into the house with Deedee in her arms, but Deedee grabbed onto his shirt. The nanny was shocked and immediately walked forward. “Deedee, behave.” Freyja was going to stop Deedee, but Colton stretched out his arms and took her over. Freyja was shocked. “You…” Colton hugged her, but more importantly, he knew how to carry her, and it was obvious that it wasn’t his first time holding a child. Not only did Deedee not cry, but she even laughed happily and started playing with his har. Colton wasn’t angry about that because he had carried children before, including Helios’ daughter and his uncle’s son. Children were soft, but they were really strong, adorable miniature humans. Freyja seemed to have discovered a whole new wor

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