Chapter 1819

Daisie pressed her lips together and said, “I was thinking about Colton. I keep feeling that something is off with him.” Waylon looked down. “Don’t over-analyze it.” Dasie received a text from Freyja and checked it. The content made her drop her cutlery. Waylon frowned. “What’s wrong?” Daisie was shocked. “Colton is having dinner with Freyja. Is this really Colton?” He must have been possessed! After sending the message to Daisie, Freyja pretended to put her phone away and looked toward Colton. Deedee sat next to him, enjoying Colton’s feeding. He never looked annoyed the entire time, and even though the food was all over Deedee’s face, he would just wipe it off for her. That scene was odd yet wholesome. “Sir, please have your dinner. I can take care of Deedee.” The nanny walked over and took Deedee in her arms, then brought her upstairs. Deedee quietly lay her head on the nanny’s shoulder. She was well behaved. Only the two of them were left in the living room. Freyja lo

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