Chapter 1832

Daisie choked on her own words and entered the room. “Do you have eyes behind your head?” She was hiding in the hallway and behind the door, yet she was still discovered. Nollace took her into his arms. “Your shadow betrayed you.” Daisie was rendered speechless. ‘What can I do even if I’m not reconciled to this outcome? I can’t argue with that.’ “Will Colton and Freyja be okay?” Nollace carried her to the couch and sat her on his thigh. “Given Colton’s vigilance and cleverness, he won’t put themselves in danger.” “I know…” Daisie stopped abruptly. Nollace tucked her long hair behind her ears with his fingertips. “We’re their targets. We’re the ones who are in the most danger. Don’t you worry about yourself?” Daisie’s gaze shifted away. “Aren’t you here?” He kissed her at the corner of her eye and cheeks, and his smile intensified. “Yes, as long as I’m here, I’ll definitely protect you at the cost of my life.” She covered his lips with her palm. “Don’t jinx it! You’re not all

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