Chapter 1833

Freyja asked in reply, “What would you choose to do then? To act shamelessly or to die?” Colton pushed her aside and opened the French windows, and the wind that blew in calmed him down a little. “You should be glad that that b*stard from the Knowles didn’t close the window.” Freyja sat on the bed. “It seems that we can only stay here for one night.” Colton did not say anything. After freezing in place for a long time, he no longer heard any movement coming from behind, so he turned around and saw Freyja. She was lying on her side and had fallen asleep on the bed. Colton leaned against the window and stared at her thoughtfully. Early in the morning, a ray of light shined into the room. After Freyja woke up, she sat up, turned her head, and caught a glimpse of Colton. He was sitting on the couch, staring attentively at the computer screen. Her gaze then shifted onto the laptop on his thigh, and she then looked intently. ‘Isn’t that my laptop? ‘Did he go back next door while I

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