Chapter 1834

Colton crossed his arms. “You actually have a brain and know how to use it.” Freyja choked on her own words. “Unlike you, you’re just all mouth!” Nollace’s sudden peal of laughter interrupted the atmosphere. “I’ll definitely be fine. If their goal is the two of us, then their objective is nothing more than to capture Daisie and me together, then kill Daisie in front of me. And if I were unable to do anything to salvage that, that would anger the Goldmanns even more.” ‘Daisie is my girlfriend. Being unable to protect my own girlfriend is the key that will make the Goldmanns furious.’ Colton walked up to the window with a sullen expression. “No matter how things will turn out, all we need to do now is to find out who’s the person behind the curtains.” In a location not far away from the resort, a van was parked at the roadside. The man sitting in the driver’s seat was smoking a cigarette and staring at the entrance of the resort. He did not take his eyes off the entrance until a y

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