Chapter 1835

Nollace asked Edison, who was disguised as the driver, to pull the man up. He then grabbed the man by his jawline and lifted his face up. His eyes looked extremely gloomy. “May I know who Mr. Wansell is working with?” The man avoided direct eye contact subconsciously. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” “It doesn’t matter. Even if you don’t tell me now, I‘ve already found out about the person who’s giving you orders from behind the curtains. You’re welcome to continue to keep their identity a secret for them.” Nollace smirked, but there was not even a hint of hilarity in his eyes. “If you had only offended me, I’d be able to forgive you right here and right now. But you’ve offended the Goldmanns. I don’t think even your master can save your *ss from the deep sh*t that you’re in.” The leader of the gang shivered slightly. ‘We must deliver the results after we’ve gotten paid. However, now that the mission has failed, going back might not be the best thing to do too. However,

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