Chapter 1836

Rocky laughed as he said, “You’re so brutal to cut off their escape.” Zenovia’s eyes were cold. “Let’s wait for the good news.” At a sanatorium in a small town somewhere… Edison waited in front of the door with two men in black. Nollace and Colton were in the study, having a serious discussion with the director of the sanatorium. Almost all the patients in the courtyard were from all walks of life. Some were reading, some were zoning out, and some were talking to each other. It was calm and clean. Daisie sat on the stairs with her head resting on her hands in thought. Freyja walked next to her and sat down. “This short holiday isn’t very fun.” Daisie sighed. “Who knew this was going to happen?” She would be lying to say she wasn’t upset. They finally had a few days of holiday, but this happened. Nollace and Colton walked out, then Daisie stood up and heard Nollace say, “The director is going to let us stay here for a night.” Freyja was surprised. “Why don’t we just go back

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