Chapter 1848

The paparazzi hiding in the shadows took a few pictures one after another. Several cars followed each other closely, driving toward the Goldmann mansion at a reasonable speed. Daisie looked out the window. After living abroad for a few years, she returned to Bassburgh again, but she realized that she was not used to it. She held the ring on the necklace in her palm and pressed her fist against her chest. ‘The next time when he comes to see me, I will have transformed too. At least I will no longer be the Daisie who can only stay behind him and be protected by him. ‘I’ll become the Daisie who can stand by his side confidently.’ At the Goldmann mansion… Nicholas, Maisie, and Nolan were waiting in the living room until the familiar figure sprinted in. “Mom, Dad, Grandpa!” With a smile on his face, Nicholas waved. “Daisie, you’re finally back. Come over and let me have a look.” Daisie trotted forward and stood in front of Nicholas. He took a good look at her and said with relief,

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